How To Prepare A Budget For Horse Owners

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For those of you who are struggling with your horse budget, here is the simplest way to start. This is the road to less stress and worry about finances and more fun watching your savings grow. I will show you how to prepare a budget that’s simple!

You see saving money is an easy process, what gets in the way is our wants! They can wrack havoc with our state of mind and the bank balance.

Remember the marshmallow experiment and delayed gratification, this is where you will need that skill in spades and it will teach you how to save money every month

It’s important to identify where you are spending your money.

I know this sounds like a budget, and we’ve all had a go at a budget from time to time. Some of us have succeeded in following one and others have kept spending regardless. For some reason the thought of doing a budget puts shock waves through some people.

It doesn’t need to be this way at all?

Here are my simple budget tips for horse owners; well really these tips are the same for anyone.

How To Prepare A Budget – Stress Freehow to prepare a budget

A budget is really simple it consists of two questions

  1. How much do you earn after taxes?
  2. How much are you spending?

Yes, these are the two questions you need to answer.

Putting your budget into practice, this is where the rubber hits the road so to speak, if you don’t ever look at how much money is coming in verses out going expenses, then how can you improve your situation?

You need a plan of action, and through action comes change, through change you get different results than you had before.

Keep things really simple and help yourself succeed.

How To Do An Easy Budget!

  1. Get yourself a small note pad or use your phone to take notes. You’ll need to have this on you at all times.
  1. In your note pad or electronic device, write down all of your expenses as they occur. That means every time you spend money; Yes I mean every time……..and cents do count.
  1. For the next 30 days, I want you to gather information about exactly what you spend your money on. For some people you will be amazed by what you learn about your buying habits.

Making Sense Of The Numbers

  1. Get out your calculator for this step
  2. Add up all of the expenses you gathered over the last 30 days
  3. Get your bank account statements and find all of the electronic expenses for the last 30 days – identify the expenses you have not already added up
  4. Write down the final expenses figure for the month
  5. What is your income after taxes for the last 30 days?
  6. Now subtract your income from your expenses and see what figure you get
  7. How much money do you have left at the end of the month?

The Results

If you have surplus congratulations, you are in good financial shape, and you can look at ways to make your money grow so to speak. There maybe areas you can now identify where you want to reduce spending, so take the time to look at your overall situation and make your money work for you.

If you spent more money than you earned, you need to do something about the situation immediately. Start by identifying areas in your life where your expenses are blowing out and why.

Check out the horse cost calculator to identify exactly what your horse expenses are. You can edit, add or delete your expenses at any time. Simple, easy and its free.

Next, complete the budget calculator planner for a more in depth budget plan – a place where you can organize your expenses and see your way clear of debt and be worry free. I’ve included another budget planner so you can decide which one suits you better. They are both really easy to use and they really take the hard work out of budgets!

Because you have recorded your expenses now it’s easy to put those expenses into a computer program that makes adding up a breeze :)

This will require a little effort on your behalf, however its better to face your problems and work out a solution – you will feel better about the situation rather than ignoring your problem and letting the stress poke at you hour after hour, don’t let your stress keep you awake at night. Look at the issue, set up one small task you can do each day, and tick it off your list one by one.

Trimming The Fat!

How to prepare for a budget - For Horse ownersOnce you know the expenses that need reducing, it’s a matter of getting committed to reduce your expenses or earn extra money. Make it into a game and see how much you can save, get creative, and have a laugh along the way.

Ask yourself how can you get the item you want at a crazy low price? Could you cut down on your horse feed bills and so on? The great thing is, when you start looking at how you can reduce your expenses, you’ll come up with solutions that are brilliant and they’ll get you motivated to save. Saving can be fun and entertaining.

Lets see what bargains you can get this week, how much can you save by not spending unnecessarily.

Remember to give yourself permission to smile and feel good, because you’re making progress and getting more money into your pocket.

Share any of your successes or questions with me on my facebook fanpage – I love to hear about crazy fun ways, to save a dollar or two.

Sue-Ellen Complete Horse CareSmile Often, have Fun with your horses and Enjoy the Ride!

Sue-Ellen Cordon

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