How To Groom A Horse

One of the most important tasks that you must complete on a regular basis as a horse owner is grooming your horse. Knowing how to groom a horse properly is important because it will keep their coat clean, healthy and shiny. In addition, grooming provides you with an opportunity to look over your horse for any cuts or other injuries that need treatment.

Secure Your Horse and Organise Your Grooming Tools

Keep your horse grooming tools organised in a secure, convenient place. A large bucket is an inexpensive container to keep your brushes tidy, or you can purchase grooming boxes to keep your tools handy.

How To Groom A HorseThe tools you need:

  • A body brush with somewhat stiff bristles
  • A curry comb or grooming mitt
  • A plastic mane and tail comb
  • A finishing brush with fine, soft bristles
  • A clean, soft cloth or sponge

If your budget allows, you may also want to include:

Remember not to set your grooming bucket where it can easily be knocked over. In addition, you will also need to safely secure your horse, either with a quick release knot or with cross ties.

The Grooming Process

It is crucial that you learn how to groom a horse properly. You begin at the top of the horse’s neck and work your way around to the rear, then change sides and do the same thing again on the other side.

The Rubber Curry – First, use the rubber curry in a circular motion to loosen up any dirt that may have settled under the hair. Be especially careful around the bony areas, such as the back and shoulders. Do not use this tool on the legs or face.

The Dandy Brush – With this tool, use the same motions that you would use to sweep a floor, flicking the brush up and away from the coat to remove the dirt. If you do not see a light cloud of dust with your stroke, you need to improve your flicking action to avoid pushing dirt back up under the hair. The dandy brush is also the brush that you should use on the horse’s tail.

The Body Brush – This tool smoothes the hair down and eliminates any remaining dirt. Use smooth, flat strokes with this brush to flatten the horse’s hair. This will leave your horse looking shiny and clean.

The Mane Comb – Use this tool gently on your horse’s mane. Do not use the mane comb on your horse’s tail.

Finish With the Feet

You should first learn how to pick up a horse’s feet correctly, usually by running your hand down the leg and giving the fetlock a gentle squeeze. Be careful not to pick up the foot too high, or you could throw your horse off balance.

Using The Hoof PickWhen using a hoof pick, be sure to scrape away from you, as if peeling a carrot to prevent accidental injury. Thoroughly clean the hollow areas on both sides of the frog, as well as around the sole of the foot.

Grooming is something that both you and your horse can enjoy. As part of your horse care duties, make grooming your horse a daily habit, and especially before riding. Grit under the saddle will cause discomfort for your horse and lead to pain or injury. After your ride, you should groom your horse again or hose him down to remove any sweat and dirt. Grooming is something your horse will love, and it is a nice reward to groom your horse after his ride.

Now you know how to groom a horse.. why not get cracking!


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