Choosing the Right Horse Grooming Tools

A wide range of horse grooming tools are available for equestrians today, which is incredibly exciting. Traditional brushes and curries that equestrians have used over the years are enhanced by state-of-the-art horse grooming tools that can be beneficial throughout the entire grooming process.

If you are new to owning a horse, the options available when it comes to horse grooming tools can be somewhat overwhelming.

Essential Horse Grooming Tools

Horse Grooming ToolsFor basic horse care, at the very least, your kit should contain the basic horse grooming tools, such as a hoof pick, a soft brush, a stiff brush and a curry comb. Some essential horse grooming tools include:

  • Rubber Curry Comb – Every horse grooming kit should have a rubber curry comb, which is available in small and large sizes to accommodate hands of all sizes. The short teeth are made of rubber and work to promote good circulation in the skin and muscles. As the first tool you use when grooming your horse, a curry comb loosens shedding hair and debris.
  • Sarvis Curry Comb – This comb is made from tough plastic and has long teeth that are ideal for combing long winter coats soiled with dried mud or manure. Many horse owners use this horse grooming tool to comb the horse’s tail and mane, while others use it at bath time to help work up a good lather.
  • Stiff Bristled Brush – Use this brush after the curry brush to whisk away the loosened hair and debris. You can also use this tool to remove any dried mud that may have accumulated on the legs of your horse. If your horse has sensitive skin or does not require the heavy-duty action of a stiff-bristled brush, an alternative would be a medium stiff brush.
  • Finishing Brush – Used at the end of the grooming session, this soft bristled brush removes even the finest of dust particles, leaving your horse with a smooth coat and enhanced natural sheen.
  • Hoof Pick – Hoof picks come in a variety of styles to remove debris, stones, manure and mud, including some with brushes to flick away dirt and bedding, some with fun colors and shapes, as well as some with an ergonomic shape to fit your hand better.
  • Pulling CombPulling Comb – The best tool for pulling manes, you can even find small pulling combs that will fit easily into your pocket. You can choose one with a metal or wooden handle that is incredibly easy to hold onto as you groom your horse.
  • Shedding Blade – This horse grooming tool has tiny metal teeth for removing caked-on mud and loose hair, especially during the shedding season.

As you become more accustomed to grooming your horse, you will be able to determine any other horse grooming tools that you can use to keep your horse looking good.

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