7 Ways To Save Money On Your Horse Feed Bills

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1. Buy your hay early in the season, and be prepared! Work out roughly how much hay your horse will need for the year, and then contact a local farmer (this will save you money too – less transport cost)

Horse feed - saving money buying hay

2. Get a group of your friends together and buy your feed in bulk, such as hard feed, molasses, chaff, what ever you can think of! Lets get creative and money savvy and find the best way to save money! If you share the cost of your horse feed with a few of your friends,  and buy a truckload of hay! Buy early and buy in bulk. This way you will benefit from the savings. This can be a little more time consuming in the beginning, however once you and your friends have worked out a good routine, the smiles on your face will say it all – Lots of money saved!

3. Get to know your local hay and grain producers, and see if they can contact you when the hay has been baled and the grain harvested. I’m from a hay farming family and one thing my father would do to avoid loading and unloading horse hay was to contact his ‘Best’ clients, and they would literally pick up the hay from the paddock seconds after it had been baled. This is a brilliant way to save money, you need to be available at the right time or know someone who can help you.

 How You Store Your Horse Feed Will Either Cost or Save Money!

4. Keep rodents out of your hay and your feed shed, use the correct measures to control rodents and stop them from destroying your hay and feed. Not only are rodents good at wasting your feed, they also harbor germs and create dust that is not good for you or your horses health. Get rid of the rodents! For tips on how my farming family kept rodents out of the hay shed year after year can be found in the free eBook 12 ways to $ave yourself a bucket load of cash on your horse

5. Keep your feed shed neat and tidy, don’t drop feed on the ground – that is like throwing away money! Literally measure out your horses feed, and avoid the …”oh I will give my horse a little bit more feed” attitude! Be diligent, hygienic and watch your savings mount up! Then you can buy something you have been looking forward to.

6. Pasture is feed, and it’s overlooked because it’s out in the paddock. Keep your pasture fresh and clean up your horses manure. Another tip that I use, is to keep horses locked out of your pasture at night time to make it last longer. If you own a property then practice good pasture management by controlling weeds and maintaining good horse pasture. If you think about it pasture is great horse feed, full of roughage, and nutrients your horses love to eat. So by looking after your pasture it will save your money on your horse feed bills. Now that’s good news, right!

7. Feeding horses in a way that is wasteful will cost you more that your will realise. Have a look at how and where you feed your horse! Feeding horses on the ground in a paddock or stable is a wasteful and an expensive way to feed, as horses can trample the feed into the ground – feed can be spoilt by damp conditions, or worse just blow away! Look at ways you can make the feed last longer – try putting your horse feed into a bin or container to reduce wastage, it’s also a healthier for your horse, as they don’t need to sift through dirt to eat their feed.

Its The Little Things That Count

Horse Feed - don't waste it!

Its all the little bits of wasted feed, here and there that can add up to large expenses by the end of the month or year. Keep a check on your management practices, and how you go about your day to day tasks, there are always things we can improve on. Become more observant of your actions and those around you, as your routine and management may be saving or costing you money! Its important to know which category you slot into.

Do you already have some great ways you save money on your horse feed bills? Let me know by checking into to the facebook fanpage and sharing your tips :)

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