Tips for buying horse feed in bulk

Buying Horse feed in bulk saves moneyThis is a great tip for when you are thinking of buying horse feed in bulk, its a real money saver!

This is a bulk buying money saving idea, and is ideal for people who have a few horses in work, so if you only have one horse, then find a group of your friends and share the savings. This is a great way to save money when it comes to buying your horse feed in bulk – The solution is here.

I would like to thank Jo and Richard for sharing this invaluable money saving tip. Jo and Richard are polo players and this tip is one way they save money on their horse feed by buying in bulk, you see not all of us have access to silos to store our bulk feed. Lets keep saving money with horses simple.


How To Save Dollars Buying Your Horse Feed In Bulk?

You will save more than a bucket load of cash buying your prepared feed in bulk from your local feed or fodder store. Remember to ask your feed store if they handle bulk horse feed, some businesses do while others don’t, so check out availability and pricing before driving all over town with your bins in the ready. In my area, I am lucky enough to have a mobile feed store that delivers to my door. Check out your options and you may find a better solution for your locality.


What You Will Need

• 4 x 240 Litre wheelie bins or 8 x 120 Litre wheelie bins – may vary on feed density and volume

• Trailer or horse float to cart bins to the feed store

• Rope or snatching strap – to tie the bins in place

• Bins can be purchased in Australia – New or Used condition.


wheelie binsNote: Any bins can be used to store prepared horse feed in. However the best bins are as airtight as possible to keep the feed as fresh as possible.

Remember to store your feed in a cool, shady place in your shed, sunlight and warmth beaming down on your prepared horse feed will reduce the freshness.

The lighter more portable bins are the best, wheelie bins are great because they are automatically portable. I have some people using this method and they use plastic bins with lids and use a sack trolley or trolley truck to move them into their feed shed. Modify and adapt to what works for your situation, and budget :-)

Some people may only have one or two horses and buying a bulka bag of feed will be too much. Easy, contact a few of your horsey friends and share the feed and the cost. That way everyone saves :-)


Why Bins Are So Important For Storage?


airtight bins for storing horse feed in bulkThe reason we use bins with wheels on them preferably is because wheeling is better on your back than straining to lift heavy items. If you don’t have a bin on wheels, then you will need a sack trolley, or trolley truck to move the bins from your trailer or float to your feed shed. Don’t work your body harder than it needs to.

The reason we used closed bins is to eliminate the problems with rodents getting into stored bags and contaminating horse feed with facaes and causing feed wastage……..we are about saving money rather than letting little rodents waste the feed. Remember to keep the lids shut and use a container to measure feed into your horse buckets, this will save you some more money, less waste = more savings.


The Method

• Take your cleaned and empty wheelie bins to the feed store in a trailer, vehicle or float.

• Ask your feed store or feed merchant to purchase one tonne of prepared feed and put the feed straight into your bins – you will get the bulk price if you purchase your feed this way.

• Your feed store will load up your bulk feed.

• Secure your load using rope, or snatching strapes

• You will smile as you are given the cost, because you saved yourself some money.


Where Do I Purchase These Wheelie Bins I Hear You Ask?

Have a look at this Australian online wheelie bin company, they offer new, used and factory seconds bins

Also visit places such as your local Recycling Centre, Council and look out in your local newspapers.

Some recycling centres sell used plastic bins with screw on lids, they may have contained orange juice for example, make sure you only purchase second hand bins that have contained food grade items in them, as we don’t want to expose our horses to bins that may have contained chemicals. Ask plenty of questions, and in most cases the labels will still be on the bins and let you know what they contained. I do the smell test as well, this helps. These bins are also great for storing horse rugs, and other items you need to keep rodents and spider away from. I have heaps of bins at my place as they are so useful.

This is a great money saving idea!


Great Ways To Save Money On Feed

You not only save money with the feed you have purchased, you are also preventing rodents getting into your feed and keeping your horse feed stored for maximum freshness. That is worth $$$$$

As a bonus you can now wheel your bulk feed wherever you want to take it. Saving your back from straining under the load of lifting heavy bags.

Remember, buying in bulk is a great way to save money! Yes, it can be less convenient and you will need to work together with local horse riders if you have one or two horses.

When it comes to saving money, that extra effort can mean the difference between you paying top price or paying less for the same product.


Do you have a great money saving tip that you love?

Let me know and leave your tip on the facebook fanpage! That way we can share more ways that really work when it comes to saving money on our horses.


“A penny saved is a penny earned” ~ Benjamin Franklin


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