Horse Diet Tips

It is important to make sure you are providing a proper horse diet that meets the needs of your horse according to the amount and type of work that he does on a regular basis. This is one of the most important horse care responsibilities of a quality horse owner.

If you provide your horse with a proper diet, he will look and feel healthy. The important horse diet elements that you need to provide for your horse include hay and green, fresh grass, in addition to sweet feed and grains. The forage provided for your horse must be rich in nutrition.

Horse Diet - Pasture1. Pasture

It is crucial to provide your horse with high quality pasture is vital. Light working horses will do well with adequate grazing in good quality pasture. Large pasture area is needed to ensure a healthy horse diet.

Green hay and pasture is not ideal sufficient for a healthy horse diet. Where the horses are brought up makes a difference.

The field where you let your horses run may or may not contain pasture for the entire year. Divide your pasture area up into sections, so you can rotate your horses from one section to the next. This will give the new grass time to grow in your field.

2. Hay

Horse Diet - HayFor cart pulling or domestic horses, hay is a mainstay. However, you must ensure that you purchase only high quality hay for your horses. Before purchasing hay, make sure the hay is fresh and free from dust or mold.

In addition, you need to make sure that the bale is not warm. Instead, it should be normal temperature. Warm hay can attract fungi and mold. The type, quality and nutritional value of hay depends on the area where the hay was bought. The type of hay may affect the nutrition value. Some types of hay are rich in protein, yet some are not. Combine two or more different types of hay for a balanced horse diet.

3. Concentrates

Horses that pull carts or are subjected to heavy work require more than simply hay and fresh pasture. Likewise, pregnant mares also have special dietary requirements to remain healthy and ensure the health of the foal. These horses require concentrates included in their daily diet.

Horse supplements include feeds such as cubes, sweet concentrates such as molasses and whole or cracked grains. Supplements are available for each stage of the horse growth. In addition, beet pulp can also be a concentrate.

4. Fresh water

Fresh, clean water is crucial to ensure a healthy horse diet. Keep in mind that on average your horse should need five to thirteen gallons of water every day. For those of you who understand litres, that is about thirty to fifty litres of water per day. Keep in mind that during summer your horse is likely to drink more water, so keep a close watch on your horses water.

Any horse owner should be able to follow these simple steps to ensure they are providing the best horse diet possible, to ensure proper health and growth throughout the life of their horse.

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