Fundamental Horse Care Tips

Horse care is a major responsibility. Naturally, horses are social creatures who nurture the ones that they love. In addition, horses also have a fellow feeling to run freely through great open spaces with the members of their herd.

Over the years, horses have become domesticated animals that have learned to adapt to life in a paddock or stable. However, horses still need a great deal of care to ensure all of their needs are met.

Top Five Horse Care Tips

Although challenging, taking proper care of your horse can be made easier if you know a few simple horse care tips.

1. Horse Care TipsFind a local veterinarian with equine experience. It is important to have your horse checked annually to prevent a number of horse health issues, including colic.

You will also need to have your horse de-wormed on a regular basis. In addition, dental health is important, so have your horse’s teeth checked regularly.

2. Feeding your horse properly is essential to keeping him healthy. A horse prefers constant grazing, so it is important to establish a regular feeding time. Horses need plenty of fibre, so make sure to provide an adequate amount of free choice hay. Grain and grass are also major staples in a horse’s diet, as well as a good supply of fresh, clean water.

3. Plenty of exercise is essential to keep your horse happy and healthy. Your horse will need time outside of the stable on a regular basis to keep their muscles healthy and to promote good circulation. It is also a good idea to allow your horses, if you have more than one, to socialise with one another.

4. Horse stables should be kept clean, warm and dry. In addition, stables should be properly ventilated and manure must be cleaned out every day to prevent build up. You should not leave your horse in the stable by himself for long periods of time. If you do not have more than one horse, you should consider getting a couple of cats to keep him company when he is in the stable for long periods of time. If you have access to a paddock let your horse out to stretch his legs and move around, this also allows him time to walk  and graze.

5. Horses Need AttentionHorses need lots and lots of attention to thrive. Make it a point to play with your horse as often as you can. Talk to your horse regularly to keep him calm and eliminate any stress he may be feeling. Most importantly, pet, scratch or rub your horse affectionately to let him know how much you love him.

Following these simple horse care tips is the best way to make sure that your horse remains happy and healthy for many years to come. After all, the companionship that you get from owning a horse is well worth all the effort that you put into taking the best possible care of him.

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