Equestrian Emma Scott aiming for London Olympic Games

Recently I met Emma Scott at the Deloitte Australian International 3 day event, held in the Adelaide parklands, November 2011. The first thing I noticed as I walked through all the horse trucks at the event was a sign inside Emma’s horse truck, it said something like ‘follow your dreams, and keep going until you succeed‘. Emma has her sights on fulfilling her Olympic dreams of firstly being selected, and then representing Australia at the London Olympic games.

An Inspiration

‘with determination and tenacity, you too can achieve your wildest dreams’ ~ Emma Scott


Yes, there is something very special about young equestrian Emma Scott, she is on a mission to help inspire young kids to over come adversity and reach for their dreams.

Emma is lady from the bush who grew up in the country town of Balranald in NSW, and has been involved with the local pony club and horses from a young age.

You can always tell a country person as they have a different attitude generally speaking, mainly due to the country environment and practical experiences.

Emma also has a natural ability to talk to people and make them feel instantly at ease, and for Emma although horses are her life, it is more than riding horses and being an elite equestrian, and that is what makes her such good young role model.

Since watching Emma compete in her first ever CCI 4 star 3 day event, and yes we are talking about Olympic standard competition! This is the top level of her Equestrian sport and there are only 6 events of this standard in the world and can you believe Adelaide holds this event every year in the middle of the city’s parklands. That should impress you, as it is very unique to have such horse power thundering through our city streets.

So, what place did Emma come at this event I hear you ask? Well, she came 7th over all out of 30 plus competitors including current and former Olympians. A great effort for the first time at this elite level, so congratulations to Emma. She did not go home empty handed and received a scholarship for ranking the highest out of all the first time CCI 4 star competitors.

Emma Scott’s Olympic Dream

The raffle – drawn on Friday 23rd December 2011

Renowned Australian artist Jan Lawler from Balranald is donating, a beautifully framed portrait painting of your beloved horse or dog valued at $800.

Tickets are $5 each and can be purchased from Jan Lawler (03) 5020 1687.

You don’t have much time to purchase a ticket, the raffle is drawn on Friday 23rd of December 2011. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket you had better get cracking!

How you can donate or sponsor Emma Scott Eventing

To become a sponsor for Emma and her trusty steed Mustang, or simply donate to help Emma support her Olympic dreams.

Individual donations can be made directly into the Emma Scott Donation Account, as set up by the locals in Balranald NSW.

Emma Scott Donation Account
BSB:         032868
Account:  14-7775
For more information about how you can contribute to help Emma’s dreams come true;

Contact Jan Lawler (Artist) on (03) 5020 1687 or email pjlawler@exemail.com.au


Lets help Balranald raise some more funds

Once the raffle is over and you still want to show your support for Emma, donations can be made directly into the Emma Scott Donations account – see details above

Emma is looking for a major sponsor to help fund her Olympic dream, so if anyone knows of any such generous people or companies – contact Jan Lawler or private message Emma Scott Eventing  on facebook to discuss further.

Lets help Emma fulfil her dream of going to the London Olympic games, and help the town of Balranald who are so proud of their local equestrian sporting hero.

An Eventful Life – by Alison Duthie

An Eventful LifeTo read more about Emma Scott’s eventing journey, Allison Duthie has written a beautifully descriptive book published in 2012 called ‘An Eventful Life’, in this book you can read all about Emma’s story and there are lots of pictures of Emma riding ponies and horses of all shapes and sizes. A great read indeed!

The book An eventful life is a biography about former and current Olympians, and show cases each equestrians story from childhood until present day. It includes all the highs and lows, the struggles and triumphs these dedicated equestrians experience on their way to Olympic glory. It has some great stories about eventers such as Megan Jones, Sonya Johnson, Shane Rose, Wendy Schaeffer, Stuart Tinney and Emma Scott.

A bond between rider and horse athlete is a union of courage, friendship, trust, love and a special connection that eventing riders and their horses know due to the experiences gained along the way.

Emma and Mustang are now aiming to Qualify for the 2012 London Olympic games and if you want to follow her journey, you can find her on Facebook  Emma Scott Eventing. Do Emma a favour by writing a few words of encouragement on her wall, while you are there check out her recent competitions, photos and keep up to date with her progress.

Good luck to Emma as she works towards attaining her Olympic dreams, and inspiring many people along the way.

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  1. It’s interesting that determination and tenacity appear to be at the core of most great achievers.
    Emma Scott is an inspiration and I wish her every success in her bid to be selected to compete and represent Australia in the London Olympic Games in 2012.

  2. What an inspirational young lady Emma Scott is :)

    Love her motto – she will do so well with the olympics! So good to read stories about those that have a dream, and set out to achieve their dream no matter what!


    • Hi Lisa,

      Emma’s motto is brilliant indeed! Its good to read an uplifting story, as it can raise all of our spirits and inspire those dreams we have with in us. :)
      I have really enjoyed sharing Emma’s visions and dreams, and I am looking forward to following her as she attains her goals one at a time.


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