Large Animal Rescue – Horses

Large Animal Rescue

Did you know that two of the most common horse rescues are; horses trapped in the mud and incidents involving horse floats or horse trailers. Knowing what to do in … [Read more...]

Natural Horse Care Tips

Natural Horse Care

If you are only familiar with the conventional methods of horse keeping, the natural horse care approach may appear to go against everything that you have learned. The reason for this it that conventional horse care methods … [Read more...]

Horse Diet Tips

Horse Diet

It is important to make sure you are providing a proper horse diet that meets the needs of your horse according to the amount and type of work that he does on a regular basis. This is one of the most important horse care responsibilities … [Read more...]

Horse Hoof Problems and Treatment

Hoof Crack

Many common horse hoof problems are caused by imbalance, which can affect the entire horse. For instance if a horse has a sore hock, it may be because the medial/lateral balance of the hoof is off balance. … [Read more...]

Causes and Symptoms of Arthritis in Horses

Examine Horses Joints Daily

Many people are familiar with the pain and suffering of arthritis. Arthritis is quite common among humans, especially those of advanced age. However, many people are not aware that animals can … [Read more...]

Horse Hoof Care Tips

Horse Hoof Care

One of the most essential responsibilities of horse owners is to learn about the fundamentals of horse hoof care. You cannot simply wait around for your horse to ask you to clean and take care of his feet. … [Read more...]

Fundamental Horse Care Tips

Horses Need Attention

Horse care is a major responsibility. Naturally, horses are social creatures who nurture the ones that they love. In addition, horses also have a fellow feeling to run freely through great open spaces … [Read more...]

Horse Feeding Tips and Facts

Horse Feeding

A horse's stomach is small. In addition, their intestines are short as well. Therefore, horses are unable to eat a large amount of grain all at once. As part of your daily horse care chores, it's crucial that you … [Read more...]

Basic Horse Care Tips

Horse Care

Caring for any kind of pet requires a great deal of time and attention, but horse care is a major task. Horses need supreme attention and care. You must focus on spending a large portion of your time caring for your horse. … [Read more...]