Horse Hoof Reconstruction

horse hoof

As farriers what can we do when there has been damage to the hoof capsule and we need to protect areas or need to apply a shoe but there is nowhere to place nails? … [Read more...]

Hind Leg Lameness In Horses

lameness in horses

The Patient In this case study, I have for you is a 16 year old, grey Hanoverian gelding who has hoof problems, he is a dressage horse who his owners said was "struggling to do dressage … [Read more...]

22 Horse colic symptoms you need to know

vet checking for horse colic symptoms

Today I write with a heavy heart as my little quarter horse mare Chilli, lost her battle with gastric distension colic. Gastric distension¬†colic also known as grain engorgement or stomach … [Read more...]

The Facts about Horse Colic

Horse Colic

The term colic literally means "pain in the abdomen". Many things can cause such pain, which range from mild to life threatening. The greatest concerns with horse colic is the difficulty of detection … [Read more...]

Horse Diseases – The Top Two Most Common

Horse Diseases

Many of the most common horse diseases can be prevented, just as long as your horse gets the proper vaccinations. A vaccination plan for your horse is crucial to prevent horse diseases … [Read more...]

Important Facts about Horse Vitamins

Horse Vitamins

You are probably aware that everything that you eat is used by your body to stay healthy and fight off illness. The same goes for horses; they are what they eat. A well-balanced diet is just as important, … [Read more...]

All About Horse Supplements

Horse Supplements

As a horse owner, you know horses require various levels of nourishment in their regular diet. The amount of horse supplements that your horse needs will depend on a number of different factors … [Read more...]

Horse Health Care – Common Ailments

Horse Health Care

When it comes to horse health care, there is quite a bit that you will need to learn. From caring for their hooves on a daily basis to maintaining their dental, joint and overall health, horse care is a … [Read more...]

Horse Nutrition Tips and Facts

Horse Nutrition

In order to be a good horse owner, you must understand the needs of your horse and all the factors that affect such needs. One of the first things you must learn about is horse nutrition. The basic nutrient … [Read more...]

Horse Health Tips

Horse Health

Often, it is the simplest things that make the greatest difference when it comes to horse health. Horses that have not been doing well may begin to thrive when you successfully tweak one or two things in your management program … [Read more...]