Learn practical ways that saves you money!

Horses have a reputation for being expensive, but it IS possible to reduce the amount of money that you spend, allowing you less financial stress and the ability to enjoy every minute with your horse…

12 Ways To $ave Yourself A Bucket Load Of Cash On Your Horse

12 ways to save yourself a bucket load of cash

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 Sue-Ellen and Charlie


My name is Sue-Ellen Cordon and this is my horse Charlie, he is named after the cartoon character Charlie Brown! I am the creator of Complete Horse Care and I’ve been an avid horse enthusiast for over 20 years. The time really has flown!

Today I am excited to share my money saving tips with you.

I will show you many money saving techniques that I have found through my personal experience. That way we can all save :-)

Everything you learn from me will make your life as a horse-owner easier…all things that go hand-in-hand, all things that pay you back, and all things that ultimately make affordable, quality horse care possible.

It all starts by downloading this eBook today, you will be glad that you did.


There is no question that you love your horse.

However, as you struggle to pay for agistment, stabling, equipment and feed, you may begin to wonder if it is all worth it. The short and definite answer is “yes“.
Lets face it, owning a horse makes you happier than anything else in your life, right! In fact, it is difficult to talk about your horse without smiling. All the worries of the world seem to fade away when you spend time with your horse. Therefore, you are willing to do whatever it takes to keep your best friend happy and healthy.

You Are Not Alone – Every Horse Lover Wants To Put Their Horse First!

It’s impossible to imagine life without your horse, your friend. Riding horses is more than a sport for us horse enthusiasts; it’s about the love and trust that you feel when you are with your horse. There is no feeling greater than allowing your horse to roam free, except for when your horse chooses to walk beside you. A horse is a true partner who deserves the best possible care.

So, what will you learn in this book? I hear you ask……

blue arrow    How you can start pulling in the reins on your spending habits

blue arrow    Budgeting tips

blue arrow    Identify and reduce wasteful spending

blue arrow    Simple effective ways to reduce your horse expenses

blue arrow    Did I mention there is more, read on to find out some other topics


If you do not find a way to save money, you will not be able to enjoy your horse fully! Horses pick up on your mood and behaviour; lets worry less and enjoy riding more!

Have you found your self becoming frustrated with the expenses; well this is not going to solve your problem.
You MUST learn to save money. The Good News Is Saving Money Is Easy!

You will learn about some of the best ways to save money while also taking the best possible care of your horse. The tips featured in this FREE eBook are some that I’ve learned over the years taking care of my own horses. Following the tips that I have provided will help you eliminate your financial problems and even come up with a few money saving ideas of your own.

Changing your shopping habits is the best way to save money on horse expenses, and I will show you just how to go about that. You can start saving money today and effectively plan for your horse’s future. There are many ways in which this can be done.

These Tips Are Proven To Save Money

Horse lovers who have read this eBook have been able to find the cause of their financial problems and quickly start saving time and money. By using the tips outlined, some horse owners have found simple tips to save money grooming their horses, while others solved their problem by mixing their own feed. There are many potential areas in which to save if you just start the ball rolling with ideas like those included in this eBook!

Reap The Benefits

These money saving tips will help you determine where your main expenses are going and teach you simple ways to reduce your expenses.
What will you learn:

12 ways to save yourself a bucket load of cash
blue arrow    How to plan for unexpected expenses that always arise
blue arrow    New ways to save money and reduce your horse care bills
blue arrow    How to spot a bargain when shopping for horse supplies
blue arrow    How to fit the items you need into your budget
blue arrow    How to effectively reduce the stress on both the horse and the rider
blue arrow    Benefits of sharing expenses with your horse friends and neighbours
blue arrow    How to store feed properly
blue arrow    The proper way to stack hay to avoid spoilage
blue arrow    How to keep rodents away
blue arrow    How to reduce unnecessary waste
blue arrow    How to save money when you are out and about with your horse
blue arrow    How to check your property, paddock or stable for potential hazards
blue arrow    And much, much more!


What Others Are Saying………..

About 12 Ways To $ave Yourself A Bucket Load Of Cash On Your Horse …

I can’t believe you are giving so much information away.“…

I found it so informative and helpful. I have been telling all my horse friends about it – especially the bit about keeping vermin out of your hay. I put that one into practice straight away.
Well I couldn’t wait to find out all your tips and when I read them, I couldn’t believe how much you had to share and how much I learnt, it was fabulous.
I found it really interesting, and couldn’t stop reading it till I finished.

~Mandy Pilon Smith Wauchope NSW Australia

We’ve always had pleasure horses, but the cost was always an issue.“…

When my sister encouraged me to read Sue-Ellen’s book, I didn’t expect to find much I hadn’t already thought of, but I was pleasantly surprised and found both new ideas and was reminded of some old strategies that had fallen by the wayside. In both cases I can say that these are real, useful ways to save money with horses that can help lessen that financial strain.

~Brenda Pratt of Massachusetts, USA

In This eBook You Will Find Some Really Useful Money Saving Tips!

Lets keep things simple, and find out about the proven methods to save you more money than you even thought was possible.

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If you do not take action, you will only continue to lose money on horse expenses.12 ways to save yourself a bucket load of cash on your horse

Finally, you have the solution you need to save money while providing the best possible care to your beloved horse…


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Congratulations! You’ve just learned step one – The best way to save money is to reduce your spending!

There are no gimmicks—this is a FREE eBook I have developed strictly to share my knowledge and help build a community of like-minded horse lovers and help make it possible for anyone to afford to own a horse.


Because I truly believe in the rewards of horse ownership!

Sue-Ellen Complete Horse Care

Smile Often, Have Fun and Enjoy The Ride!
Sue-Ellen Cordon

Sue-Ellen Cordon
Creator, Complete Horse Care



P.S. This is the answer to your empty pockets, which will allow you to focus on your relationship with your horse.

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