The Best Way To Save Money On Horses

There are Two simple questions that will help slash your horse expenses faster than anything else!

This really is the Best way to save money on horses and reduce your expenses

It’s very simple, yet most of us horse riders over look the fundamentals – particularly when we get into that tack store!

Now, its not a secret formula, it good old fashioned common sense. It follows the principles of living within your means…..I know what you’re thinking…….what wait and save up! Have you lost your mind? Seriously I want that horse item NOW!!!!!!

Remember when you were a kid and your folks said, NO, you cant have that item now, and you had to wait before you could experience the bliss! Simply put, this waiting or saving up to purchase an item, is known as delayed gratification, and is the opposite to impulse buying.

Are you willing to put more delayed gratification into your life?  So you can reduce your stress, and worry less about money because of the unnecessary pressure you placed on yourself, or your family,  because you must have that item now! We really need to practice reducing our spending, you see, by been in charge of our spending habits we will be in better shape financially.

Be truthful and ask yourself if in the last week, you purchased something because you had to have it! In reality could you have gone with out that item for now!

In most cases the answer is yes.


TWO SIMPLE QUESTIONS – To Slash Your SpendingBest way to save money

The next time you have a decision to make about purchasing a horse related item is to ask yourself these two simple questions.

Do this every time before you make a purchase. For some people writing it down on a piece of paper and put it into your purse or wallet is a great reminder.

Ask yourself these questions before spending.

  1. Do I really need ………insert horse item….. it now?
  2. Can I live with out …..insert horse item… for now?

The answer you are looking for is NO! This is a way to remind yourself and check you are practicing good money habits.

Get into the habit of saving for items you need, saving and waiting will give you more lasting pleasure and achievement than impulse buying.  Getting into good habits like this and you will save you more money than you will realize. Don’t take my word, try it out for yourself.




1.    Ask your self these two questions before purchasing anything

  • Do I really need this item?
  • Can I live with out this item now?

Gee, write it down inside your purse or wallet if you need reminding. Every time you pick up an item to purchase, by asking yourself those questions, they are helping you to reduce your impulse buying and you are practicing delayed gratification. Remember to help yourself get into good financial habits, and it can take a few weeks to cement the new habit you want to implement. Say cheers to your saving success :)


2.    At the end of each day write down

  • How much money you could have spent, but did not?
  • How much money did spend?
  • How much money did you saved by asking yourself those two questions.


3.    Do this for 14 days, every day write out the answers and keep a record.

You’ll be amazed by just how much extra you have in your pocket because you disciplined yourself. You will feel a sense of empowerment because you’re now in control of your spending.

There is no greater motivation than seeing your savings stack up. Some of you will be so shocked by your overspending habits, and it will be a hard reality check.

Take it in your stride and make changes to increase your savings – No matter what your financial situation everyone can start saving today! One dollar saved is a good start, then build on it.

Start today and look at your spending habits, and then make gradual changes so you can be in control of your spending, not the marketers, advertising, peer pressure. Its up to you and you can do it one step at a time! Its the best way to to save money on horses that I’ve found.

I would love to know your results, so let me know how you went by leaving a comment on my facebook fanpage.


Let do it, and see who saves the most amount of money!


Smile Often, have Fun and Enjoy the Ride!Sue-Ellen Complete Horse Care

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Sue-Ellen Cordon

Creator, Complete Horse Care

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Sue -Ellen Cordon is an avid horse enthusiast who loves to share horse knowledge, so people can enjoy their horses more. The creator of Complete Horse Care and author of 12 Ways to save yourself a bucket load of cash, money saving free report with simple practical tips!


  1. Hi Sue-Ellen,

    I met an energy healer on the weekend who had sold all of his personal belongings and lived out of his back pack. That just shows us that we do not need much and we should be able to delay spending. So, I am sure we could apply the same when buying equipment for horses. I have to say that I have always taken pleasure from getting a good old horse brush out, giving the horse a good groom and a good chat. :-)

    Eileen recently posted..Suncast Garden BedMy Profile

    • Hi Eileen,

      That’s a good observation, it really comes back to the basics of life, and most of what we really enjoy doesn’t cost much money- like brushing and spending time with our horses.


  2. Owning a horse is not something that is cheap, so saving money is vital! Especially for those all important things (like a vet and feeds!) so I really like your suggestion of asking the two vital questions before spending money. I actually do that when I am out shopping. I will pick something up, carrying it around in the shopping centre and wait till the last minute before buying it. If I still think that I need it, then I will get it other wise I normally return it back to the shelf :)
    Great money saving tips on Complete Horse Care.


    • Hi Lisa,
      Simple tips like this make us think and we can save money anywhere, its like you said when you carry your shopping and ask yourself if you really need that item.
      That’s exactly where the real money saving comes into play – when you put it into practice like you do.


  3. Good advise, I think a lot of us buy things we don’t need and rack up a large credit card bill etc and then worry about paying it off. I can imagine there are heaps of expensive horse accessories on the market, that are not necessary and don’t contribute to the horses good health.
    Kerry Lea recently posted..TerrigalMy Profile

    • Hi Kerry,
      Yes that is so true, its called shiny object syndrome and for some reason from time to time we get dazzled by the new. When in fact its not a really that important. That’s why a few tips can help us get a reality check and save us buyers remorse.


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