How it all came about!

Welcome, I’m the creator of Complete Horse Care ~ Sue-Ellen

Sue-Ellen riding Tinker

Sue-Ellen age 9 riding Tinker

I’ve been horse mad all of my life, you see it all started when my parents met the owners of an Arabian horse stud before I could walk. Really it was just a matter of time before I was to ride horses. It’s been over 30 years of fun and adventures with horses.

Owning horses has taught me valuable life skills from a young age, such as responsibility, determination – a never give up attitude, confidence, common sense, practical problem solving skills, feel, trust and communication. This quest to learn more about horses has lasted a lifetime.

I’ve participated in equestrian pursuits such as showing, pony club, jumping, novelties, campdrafting, cattle mustering, whip cracking, riding in the Victorian high country and out bush, trail riding and have a keen interest in natural horsemanship.


In my early twenties I was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue after a bout of glandular fever which left me incapacitated for a few years – just for the record I made a full recovery…. There’s that never give up attitude again!nature

Having a serious illness changed my whole perspective on life and therefore become more interested in holistic concepts, and the complete picture – Many people don’t realize that the soil, water, earthworms, horses and environment are all connected, our ecosystems are to be nurtured. If you take care of the soil in your paddocks and environment, then nature will reward you with an abundance of quality feed and horse health…this is just an example of my discoveries through my study and real-life application of my holistic approach. I firmly believe in getting the basics and fundamentals correct, and by following the rules of nature that have been tested, and proven over time.

What We Love at Complete Horse Care!

We love to share Horse Care knowledge with horse enthusiasts like yourself, this way we can share with others the way we learned about horses. No, didn’t have the internet when we were growing up, just learned from the people who had specific experience with horses. If we wanted to know something about hoof care, we contacted our local farrier, if we wanted to know how to clean our horse gear we went to our neighbor who owned an Arabian stud and they showed us how to look after our leather gear – do it right from the start and it will last over 100 years! We found the right people who had the time to show us one on one. We were like  sponges and loved to learn as much as possible about anything to do with horses.

We still have got that passion to learn and then share our discoveries. We want to bring back those old fashioned values, and share with you some of the best information. You see We are speaking with horse people who have learned through experience– straight from the horses mouth so to speak.

Our Mission

To share quality horse knowledge with horse enthusiasts, in an informative, fun and interactive manner. There will be moments that touch your heart and you will feel strongly connected with your horse. A place where we can share experiences, ride with freedom and form great friendships.

Its a collaboration of people with specific horse expertise who share their know how, experience and together we get good quality information to the people who are seeking answers. That way if you want to learn more about horses and increase your level of understanding, then jump on board and Enjoy the Ride!

Do you want to be a Guest Blogger for Complete Horse Care?

Yes, it will take time to find the right people with specific horse knowledge, and as you know it’s our mission to share the best horse information with you.

If you know of someone who has specific experience to do with horses, and they want to share their valuable knowledge and wisdom. Simply fill out our Guest Bloggers Questionnaire to get started.

Come and join in on the quest to share horse knowledge that is valuable to so many horse riders. -Together we can make a difference :-)


Sue-Ellen Complete Horse Care

Smile often, have fun with your horses, and Enjoy the Ride!


Sue-Ellen Cordon
Creator, Complete Horse Care